Versioning History

This page provides a record of changes made to this guide. Each set of edits is acknowledged with a 0.01 increase in the version number. The exported files for this toolkit reflect the most recent version.

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Version Date Change Details
1.01 May 15 2016 Guide published in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
1.02 July 28, 2017 Added section called The Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop. Added a link to information describing the accessibility standards for all OpenStax books.
1.03 February 22, 2018 Cleaned up guide Removed unnecessary chapters from “Learn More” section and Glossary from appendix.
1.04 Nov 2018 – Sept 2019 Guide underwent an open revision [1]
1.05 June 27, 2019 Altered theme Changed from Open Textbook theme to Clarke theme.
2.00 Sept 27, 2019 Released 2nd edition Updated and expanded original guide.
2.01 Oct 23, 2019 OpenStax map Added interactive map that allows search by adopting institutions and savings

  1. An open revision is an openly licensed work that is publicly viewable  during an upgrade or other modification. Editable files and a list of changes are provided during the process.


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