Final Remarks

That’s it. You made it to the end of this book and the course. As noted, you now have a good foundation to build off in terms of your understanding of behavior modification principles and procedures. Usually in the area of behavior modification you take a series of courses, so this is just the first step of a longer journey if you are really interested in becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst. Unlike many other books, this one tried to combine information from other classes you might take so it is my belief this textbook is more comprehensive than most. I hope you enjoyed it and found it easy to follow.

If for any reason you did not understand a topic or have a suggestion to improve the book, please email me at Since this is an OER or Open Education Resource, I can update it at will and post these updates for all using it. This is incredibly advantageous to you as a student and most publishers cannot do this with traditional textbooks. As you well know, subsequent editions come only every few years and at great expense to students. This book, and whatever updates it will go through, will be at no or low cost to you, depending on your institution of higher learning. And the quality of this textbook is as good as traditional textbooks.

Again, I thank you for your time reading the book, completing the self-modification project, doing the practice exercises, and taking the exam your instructor has provided. I hope you learned much.


Lee W. Daffin Jr., Ph.D.


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