H5P activities list

This book includes 86 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
42Right Institution (Personal Finance)Accordion
43Show (Management)Question Set
44Leadership Qualities (Management)Image Slider
45Problem Solv and Decision Making Process (Management)Accordion
46Show (Structure Org)Question Set
47Show (Ops Manage)Question Set
48Show (Motivating)Question Set
49Show (HR)Question Set
50CSIS AccordionAccordion
51Show (HR)Question Set
52CSIS AccordionAccordion
53Quiz 1.1Multiple Choice
54Quiz 1.2Multiple Choice
55Quiz 1.3Multiple Choice
56Quiz 2.2Multiple Choice
57Quiz 2.1Multiple Choice
58Quiz 2.3Multiple Choice
59Quiz 3.1Multiple Choice
60Quiz 3.2Multiple Choice
61Quiz 3.3Multiple Choice
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