H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Using I = Prt to Solve for P, r and tInteractive Video
24.1 Concept CheckSingle Choice Set
34.1 Solutions to ExercisesAccordion
4BAII Plus Date functionInteractive Video
54.1(2) Solutions to Exercises (second part - solving for other variables)Accordion
64.2 Concept Check (Moving Money involving Simple Interest)Single Choice Set
74.2 Solution to ExercisesAccordion
84.3(1) Solution to Exercise (Savings Accounts)Accordion
94.3 (2) Solutions to Exercises (GICs)Accordion
104.4 Concept Check (T-Bill and Commercial Paper)Single Choice Set
114.6 Solution to Exercises (T-Bill and Commercial Paper)Accordion
124.5 Simple Interest - Key Math TermsDrag the Words
135.1 Concept Check / Compound InterestSingle Choice Set
145.1 Solution to ExercisesAccordion
155.2 Concept Check / Determining the Future (Maturity) ValueQuestion Set
165.2 Solution to ExercisesAccordion
175.3 Solution to ExercisesAccordion
185.4 Solution to ExercisesAccordion
195.5 Solution to exercisesAccordion
209.6 Concept CheckSingle Choice Set
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