Versioning History

NSCC Adaptation Notes

The open textbook NSCC Communication @ Work is a remixed version of the open textbook: Seneca College Communication @ Work.

Version Mapping
NSCC Version Seneca Communication @ Work (an adapted version of Communication @ Work)
Chapter 1 chapter 1 + Unit 43
Chapter 2 chapter 2
Chapter 3 chapter 3
Chapter 4 chapter 4
Chapter 5 chapter 5
Chapter 6 chapter 10
Chapter 7 chapter 6
Chapter 8 chapter 12 minus Unit 43 (moved to ch 1)

Additional Changes

  • Revised formatting to comply with accessibility standards.
  • Removed references to outcomes and programs that do not apply to NSCC. [References and links to programs specific to the institution connected to the original open textbook.]

Seneca Adaptation Notes

Communication: Fundamentals for the Workplace is adapted from the open textbook Communication @ Work: Seneca College Edition. The Seneca edition was adapted by Tom Bartsiokas, Robin Potter, and Tricia Hylton from Jordan Smith’s Communication @ Work.

Communication @ Work  is adapted from A College-to-Career Guide to Success (2019). Partially Adapted from Business Communication for Success (2015)


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Communication: Fundamentals for the Workplace by Jordan Smith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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