H5P activities list

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1The 5 Trends Shaping the Future of WorkInteractive Video
2The Communication Process ExplainedInteractive Video
3ComProcessQuestion Set
4Barriers to CommunicationInteractive Video
5The Communication Process and BarriersDialog Cards
6The 3-x-3 Writing ProcessInteractive Video
7The 3-x-3 Writing ProcessMultiple Choice
8Simple LanguageQuestion Set
9Primary v Secondary AQuestion Set
10language formalityQuestion Set
11Audience DemographicInteractive Video
12You viewInteractive Video
13Reader Benefits and You View-IneffectiveAccordion
14Reader Benefits and You View-EffectiveAccordion
15Channels 1Question Set
16Communication ChannelsInteractive Video
17Intro to ResearchInteractive Video
18Scholarly articlesInteractive Video
19Research CredibilityQuestion Set
20Why Where When of CitingInteractive Video
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