This open textbook is an adapted remixed version of two open textbooks:

Additional Canadian and Nova Scotia content has been added to make this resource relevant for students studying ECE in Nova Scotia. New examples for philosophical and educational influences and have been added to make the content more inclusive.

Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education in Nova Scotia Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children Introduction to Curriculum for Early Childhood Education Additional Resources
Unit 1 1.5
Unit 2 1.6
Unit 3 1.7
Unit 4 1.8
Unit 5 1.9
Unit 6 1.10
New Section
7 CCCF code of ethics
 8 AECENS code of ethics
 9 NS ELCF Curriculum goals
10 UN Convention on the rights of the child
11 Pyramid model.
New Section
12 4.1
13 Roots of curriculum Circle of learning
14 Kindezi model
15 4.2
16 4.5

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