Appendix A: Administrators, Developers, Technical Support

For administrators managing their organization’s Pressbooks instance, individuals who provide technical support, and developers who build and fix Pressbooks features, see below for support communities and resources:

  • The Pressbooks Network Manager’s Guide: This guide details how to use the many Pressbooks features that are specific to and controlled by site administrators.
  • GitHub for Pressbooks: GitHub is an online development community where individuals work together to build software. GitHub for Pressbooks is a branch dedicated to improving the Pressbooks platform.
  • Pressbooks Community: This site is for anyone developing, training, using, or interested in Pressbooks who wants to read about issues or submit questions. Categories range from accessibility to development to collaboration and more. An account can be created for receiving notifications.
  • Pressbooks monthly product update meetings: These product update meetings are held from 2-3pm ET on the last Thursday of each month. Meetings include a demonstration of recent improvements we’ve released and overview of projects that we’re currently working on. There is time for attendees to share news and updates about local development projects of interest, and to provide input on Pressbooks-related product needs.


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