CHECKLIST 1: Look Before You Write

Before you begin, ask yourself these questions to make sure you understand and are prepared for the task ahead. Look for resources that might help answer your questions and record your thoughts as you conduct this research

Completed Chapter Section Questions to Ask Resources and Notes
Not Just Another Textbook What are the differences between an open and standard textbook?
Writing Experience What is my writing experience? Make a list.

Where might I need help with a textbook?

Why Should I Give My Work Away? Do I have concerns about releasing my textbook with an open-copyright license?

What are they? (Money? Loss of control of content? Won’t contribute to my professional development, advancement, and tenure?)

Copyright and Open Licenses Do I fully understand how open-copyright licenses work?

Can I explain them to someone else?

Do I have any concerns about using one?

Concerns About Plagiarism Do I understand how plagiarism relates to an open textbook?

Can I explain this to someone else?

Quality Do I understand all aspects of quality that affect a textbook?

Am I prepared to take all steps that ensure my textbook will be high quality?


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