Pressbooks Accounts

How to get a NSCC Pressbooks Account

Note: NSCC Pressbooks Training must be completed before requesting an account.

Step 1: Request an account

  • Send an email to

Step 2: Welcome email & Activating Your Account

  • You will receive an email containing the username and password chosen for this account, along with a link to the login page on the NSCC Pressbooks website.
  • Click on the link in the email body to activate your Pressbooks account.
  • If activation is not completed within two days, you must create the account again.


Please contact the NSCC Copyright Office [] with any questions about using Pressbooks at NSCC.

Account Active

Once the activation link is clicked, a Pressbooks page will open up that says: “Your account is now active,” along with your username and password. From this web page, you can choose to immediately log in or go back to the Pressbooks home page (where you can also log in by clicking on “Sign In”). Alternately, you can select “Sign In” in the top-right corner of the web page to log in to your account.

User profile

For more information, see User Profile in the Pressbooks User Guide.


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