H5P activities list

This book includes 40 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1How to Succeed in this CourseAccordion
2Active Learning SkillsAccordion
3Notetaking MethodsImage Slider
4Active Learning QuizQuestion Set
5Self-managment QuizQuestion Set
6Business Cultural Norms Quiz-Self-managementQuestion Set
7Giving & Receiving Feedback QuizQuestion Set
8Business Cultural Norms Quiz-Class 3Question Set
9Clear Communication QuizQuestion Set
10Business Cultural Norms Quiz-Clear CommunicationQuestion Set
11Self-Test: StrengthsQuestion Set
12Strengths SpectrumDrag Text
13Business Cultural Norms Quiz-Strengths & TeamworkQuestion Set
14Teamwork SkillsAccordion
15Process ConversationsAccordion
16Strengths and Teamwork QuizQuestion Set
17Business Cultural Norms Quiz-TeamworkQuestion Set
18Email QuizQuestion Set
19Business Cultural Norms Quiz-EmailQuestion Set
20Professional Phone QuizQuestion Set
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