8 Introduction to Equations and Inequalities

A large orange circle with an arrow printed on it facing to the right atop a rectangular base, known as chains in football, is shown prominently in the foreground. In the background there is a game of football ongoing with fans in their seats.
Figure 1.

For most people, the term territorial possession indicates restrictions, usually dealing with trespassing or rite of passage and takes place in some foreign location. What most Americans do not realize is that from September through December, territorial possession dominates our lifestyles while watching the NFL. In this area, territorial possession is governed by the referees who make their decisions based on what the chains reveal. If the ball is at point A[latex]\,\left({x}_{1},{y}_{1}\right),[/latex]then it is up to the quarterback to decide which route to point B[latex]\,\left({x}_{2},{y}_{2}\right),[/latex]the end zone, is most feasible.


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