H5P activities list

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41Sexual Reproduction Ch 7.1 ExercisesColumn
42Meiosis Ch 7.2 ExercisesColumn
43Errors in Meiosis Ch 7.3 ExercisesColumn
44Introduction to Patterns of Inheritance Ch 8 Search for key pointsColumn
458.1 MendelInteractive Video
46Mendel’s Experiments Ch 8.1 ExercisesColumn
47Laws of Inheritance Ch 8.2 ExercisesColumn
48Extensions of the Laws of Inheritance Ch 8.3 ExercisesColumn
49Introduction to Molecular Biology Ch 9 Search for key pointsColumn
50DNA is the Genetic MaterialInteractive Video
51The Structure of DNA Ch 9.1 ExercisesColumn
52DNA Replication Ch 9.2 ExercisesColumn
53Transcription Ch 9.3 ExercisesColumn
549.4 universality of the Genetic CodeInteractive Video
559.4 MutationInteractive Video
56Translation Ch 9.4 ExercisesColumn
57How Genes Are Regulated Ch 9.5 ExercisesColumn
58Changes in Hybrid ZoneGuess the Answer
59Gradual Speciation & Punctuated EquilibriumMultiple Choice
60continued divergence of species basedMultiple Choice
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