From the adapting author, William Little

I would like to thank the team at BCcampus including my project manager Lauri Aesoph, technical advisor Clint Lalonde, and the editors who worked on this book. I would also like to thank Ron McGivern at Thompson Rivers University who got me interested in the project in the first place. The work of replacing the American data in the original textbook with Canadian data would not have been possible without the excellent social analyses of Statistics Canada, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Pembina Institute, the Royal Society of Canada, and other organizations who have made their data freely available to researchers and other interested parties.

From OpenStax College, creator of the original textbook

Introduction to Sociology is based on the work of numerous professors, writers, editors, and reviewers who are able to bring topics to students in the most engaging way.

We would like to thank all those listed below as well as many others who have contributed their time and energy to review and provide feedback on the manuscript. Their input has been critical in maintaining the pedagogical integrity and accuracy of the text.


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