11 The Basics

Build accessibility and a professional look and fell by following a few simple guidelines.

Adding Text

Copy and Paste

Switch from the Visual editor screen to the Text editor screen before pasting any copied text. This will remove any hidden coding from the source file or website.

Import  a chapter or file

Use the built in import tool to import content. It is important to remember the phase quality in = quality out. The quality of the text you import will depend on the quality of  your source content,

Hierarchical Heading Tagging

In Pressbooks, the H1 tag is automatically assigned to the chapter header. The H1 tag is only used once at the beginning of the chapter.

When adding heading tags always:

  • start with a H2 tag
  • a H2 tag must be used before you apply a H3 tag to a header
  • be consistent in your application of header tags.

Note: Style changes are made by making changes to the style sheet. If you apply your use of  tags consistently changes to the style sheet will automatically update the presentation of the headers in the book.


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