This page provides a record of edits and changes made to this book since its initial publication in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection. Whenever edits or updates are made, we make the required changes in the text and provide a record and description of those changes here. If the change is minor, the version number increases by 0.1. However, if the edits involve substantial updates, the version number goes up to the next full number. The files on our website always reflect the most recent version, including the print-on-demand copy.

If you find an error in this book, please fill out the Report an Open Textbook Error form. If the book was produced in partnership with BCcampus, we will contact the author, make the necessary changes, and replace all file types as soon as possible. If we did not produce the book, we will make note of the error on this page and contact the original producer of the textbook. Once we receive the updated files, this Versioning History page will be updated to reflect the edits made.

Version Date Change Details
1.1 August 11, 2016 Book added to the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
2.1 January 17, 2017 Fixed errors in Figure and Table numbering.  

  • Renumbered the figures in Chapter 15 because Table 15.3 was mislabeled as a figure
  • Renumbered the  figures in Chapter 17 because Table 17.2 was mislabeled as a figure
  • Renumbered the figures in Chapter 20 because there were two Figure 20.6s
2.2 January 17, 2017 Book edited to conform to web accessibility standards.
  • Alt tags and long descriptions added to images
  • Edited heading levels
  • Tables
    • Reformatted tables were necessary
    • Added headings and captions to tables
    • Added Skip Table links to long tables
2.3 March 5, 2018 Fixed broken links to images in the web version of the book.