3 Student and Community

<img src="photo_colour_Academic.png" alt="Two students looking at a computer screen ">The Student and Community category includes how student life, extracurricular activities, alumni relations, youth engagement, community and cross-sector partnerships, association connections, global reach and networks, contribute to the progress of the SDGs. 



Linking the SDGs with the Do-It-Yourself Green Fair at Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College – Calgary, AB

<img src="DIY_Green_Fair_Two_Wheel_Christine_2.jpg" alt="student demonstrating to another how to repair bicycle tire">

Project: Do-It-Yourself Green Fair

SDGs: 2 – 3 – 6 – 11 – 12

Project duration: October 9, 2019

Functional Category: Student and Community

This fair evolved out of a “Repair Cafe” we hosted in 2018. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Green Fair taught practical sustainable skills through interactive booths. We invited six community partners to teach skills such as bike repair, fixing leaky toilets, making green cleaners, and strategies for avoiding food waste. Each booth was linked to a specific Sustainable Development Goal. Instructors brought their classes, and learners who participated in every station were recognized on their LEAD certificate. Students recorded what they learned at each booth on a “passport”, which they submitted to the planning committee for a prize draw. This event was extremely popular and had the highest attendance of all BVC Green events in 2019.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff members, students, partners

Project Lead: Amy Spark, Sustainability Coordinator, aspark@bowvalleycollege.ca, bvcgreen@bowvalleycollege.ca

More info: Sustainability Report 2019 – Section 4.1 Page 13


Centennial College’s SDG Innovation Lab Equips Agents of Change with entrepreneurial skills and opportunities

Centennial College – Toronto, ON

Project: SDG Innovation Lab

SDGs: All

Project duration: November 2019 – Ongoing

Functional Category: Student and community

This annual program aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among youth as agents of social change as well as providing them with lifelong learning and opportunities to implement their own social entrepreneurship initiatives. The lab is rolled out into 5 modules, comprising of workshops, design sprints, flipped classroom, experiential learning incubation cohorts, mentorship, and funding. The modules designed to build on each other and have multiple enrollment opportunities for learning and participation.

Module 1 – SDG Training Boot Camp
Module 2 – SDG Challenge
Module 3 – Tech for SDG Boot Camp
Module 4 – Incubation Experience Program
Module 5 – Investment Readiness-Innovation Program

Stakeholders Involved: Institutional staff, students, partners, local communities, private sector

Project Lead: Lalit Guglani, BTech, MBA, Manager, Scaleup Programs and Services, Centre of Entrepreneurship, lguglani@centennialcollege.ca

Lethbridge College Develops Student Change Agents to Advance the SDGS

Lethbridge College – Lethbridge, AB

Project: Be a Change AgENT

SDGs: All

Project duration: October 2020 – April 2021

Functional Category: Student and Community

Lethbridge College is now offering a 2-part workshop entitled “Be a Change AgENT”. Part 1 is completely online using our learning management system. The students will explore content that defines social innovation/entrepreneurship/enterprise, change making, and the SDGs. The online content encourages students to start thinking about ways they might want to have a positive impact on our campus and in our community. We will have a focus on food systems as the roots of AgENT are in agriculture. Then, we’ll host a 1.5 hour interactive session on Zoom in which the participants will talk about ways they might action their ideas. These students will then progress into the rest of the AgENT programming (online and via Zoom), which teaches them about design thinking and human-centered design and builds their mindset for entrepreneurial action. We hope to actively engage them in project-based work in the winter term. We will also bring in a few inspiring guest speakers via Zoom to encourage change making. It is our goal to inspire students to tackle local opportunities and challenges (campus and community) related to the SDGs.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff members, senior leaders, students, partners, local community, private sector

Project Lead: Megan Shapka, Manager of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, megan.shapka@lethbridgecollege.ca

Durham College Embeds the SDGs into Student Entrepreneurship Programming

Durham College – Oshawa, ON

<img src="FastShiftStart.png" alt="four people standing and exchanging ideas">

Project: FastStart SHIFT

SDGs: All

Project duration: November 2019 – ongoing

Functional Category: Student and Community

FastStart SHIFT: This is a social entrepreneurship training program, offered to any Durham College student as an extra-curricular program. We embed an active, measured commitment to the SDGs into our business model for all the SHIFT student clients. FastStart SHIFT has recreated the traditional business approach and turned the classic template into a business model for social entrepreneurship. On the Durham Campus there is a very big appetite for this, as students are worried about the circumstances around them (be it social, environmental, or systemic) and want to make a change. Through FastStart SHIFT, the mission and impact of the business is created first and have a double bottom line – first giving back, second revenue generating. This is all captured within the student’s passion to promote the SDGs throughout their businesses, they must be aligned with a minimum of 2 SDGs that can be positively impacted through their businesses. Through the Enactus Club on campus and their framework – FastStart SHIFT can measure the impact of the business on the SDGs.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff members, senior leaders, students, partners, local community

Project Lead: Lindsey Jeremiah, Manager Entrepreneurship Services, lindsey.jeremiah@durhamcollege.ca

More info: FastStart SHIFT, FastStartDC, 3eehive 

Centennial Engages Students with an SDG Speaker Series Focusing on Social Entrepreneurship

Centennial College – Scarborough, ON

Project: SDG Speaker Series

SDGs: All

Project duration: November 2019 – Ongoing

Functional Category: Student and Community & Academic

SDG Speaker Series Regular lectures and Fireside chats from invited subject matter experts or young achievers to share their experience with students and inspire and act as a catalyst to initiate engagement. Participants learn about SDGs, international development, and social entrepreneurship. They meet and interact with other young achievers in this field. Some topics include SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship and meeting and learning from young entrepreneurs.

Stakeholders Involved: Institutional staff, institutional leadership, students, partners, local communities, private sector, others

Project Lead: Lalit Guglani, BTech, MBA, Manager Scaleup Programs and Services. Centre of Entrepreneurship lguglani@centennialcollege.ca

Linking Sustainable Happiness to the UN SDGs at Dawson College

Dawson College – Montreal, QC

<img src="SH_Journal.jpg" alt="Picture of the front cover of the Sustainable Happiness Semester 100 Day Journal for Students">

Project: Sustainable Happiness Semester Journal

SDGs: All

Project duration: 10 years – starting in 2020

Functional Category: Student and community & Academic

Post-secondary aged youth are a social group too often consumed by uncertainty about their future and inadequate opportunities for personal fulfillment. They are immersed in questions relating to adolescence, to their current relationship with family, their community, and the overall system they live in. Normal adolescent development, the climate crisis, and the transfer from high school to higher education are all known causes of stress. World events in 2020 with COVID-19, social isolation, and current social unrest has added to this already high level of anxiety. Objectives of the Journal include explaining the concept of sustainable happiness and its connection to well-being for all and building awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by linking the journal questions to the UN goals. The First Year Student Office will offer the Journal to incoming students as a method for students to distance from stress, build a sense of community and break isolation caused by the current COVID situation. The Journal will have all 17 SDG icons on specific pages where students reflecting on questions will relate their responses to one or more of the SDGs. Teachers will then expand on these responses.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff, students, partners

Project Lead: Jenn de Vera, Dawson College Sustainability Office, jdevera@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

More info: Sustainable Happiness Journal

Lethbridge College hires an ImpAct Intern to promote the SDGs on campus

Lethbridge College – Lethbridge, AB

Project: ImpAct Internships

SDGs: All

Project duration: September 2020 – March 2021

Functional Category: Student and community 

The Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship hired a Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador in the fall of 2020 to build awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on the campus. The intern will has been tasked to complete and document a scan of SDG-related initiatives; write a report to identify opportunities to advance SDG-related initiatives ; engage with stakeholders across the campus to advance awareness of the SDGs and strengthen relationships; coordinate SDG awareness events and assist the AgENT program coordinator with running the Changemaker workshop, assist with the creation of resources that will raise awareness and increase understanding of the SDGs. Once the work is complete and the report has been finalized it will be presented to the college President, with the ultimate goal to increased buy-in and capacity to promote the SDGs more on our campus for both staff and students.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff, students 

Project Lead: Megan Shapka, Manager of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, megan.shapka@lethbridgecollege.ca