Book Title: Mastering Strategic Management – 1st Canadian Edition

Subtitle: Evaluation and Execution

Author: Janice Edwards

Book Description: Mastering Strategic Management is designed to enhance student engagement in innovative ways.

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Teaching strategic management classes can be a very difficult challenge for professors. In most business schools, strategic management is a “capstone” course that requires students to draw on insights from various functional courses they have completed (such as marketing, finance, and accounting) to understand how top executives make the strategic decisions that drive whether organizations succeed or fail. Many students have very little experience with major organizational choices. This undermines many students’ engagement in the course.

Our book is designed to enhance student engagement. A good product in any industry matches what customers want and need, and the textbook industry is no exception. It is well documented that many of today’s students are visual learners. To meet students’ wants and needs (and thereby create a much better teaching experience for professors), our book offers the following:

  • Several graphic displays in each chapter that summarize key concepts in a visually appealing format. Chapter 1 “Mastering Strategy: Art and Science”, for example, offers graphic displays on (1) the “5 Ps” of strategy; (2) intended, emergent, and realized strategies; (3) strategy in ancient times; (4) military strategy; and (5) the evolution of strategic management as a field of study. The idea for the graphic displays was inspired by the visually rich and popular series on business published by DK Publishing.
  • Rich, illustrative examples drawn from companies that are relevant to many students. As part of our emphasis on examples, the chapters use several companies as examples to bring various concepts to life. In Chapter 1 “Mastering Strategy: Art and Science”, Apple is used as the ongoing example.
  • A “strategy at the movies” feature in each chapter that links course concepts with a popular motion picture. In Chapter 1 “Mastering Strategy: Art and Science”, for example, we describe how The Social Network illustrates intended, emergent, and realized strategies.

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Mastering Strategic Management – 1st Canadian Edition
Janice Edwards
Dave Ketchen; Jeremy Short; and David Try

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