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Charles Molnar

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Charles Molnar

I have been fortunate to have been at Camosun College for 25 years, which has allowed me to live in a beautiful place, grow in many ways and be nourished by that which brings me happiness —  teaching. While the University of Alberta is where my degrees came from, Camosun College is my alma mater. I am pleased to offer this work to all, and especially to my father, Dr. George Molnar, who was and is my scientific inspiration and my life’s model.


Jane Gair

I have always loved learning and admired the many teachers in my life. They have been my role models and I am proud to call myself a teacher now. I am blessed to be able to teach for three institutions in British Columbia: Camosun College, the University of Victoria, and the University of British Columbia – my alma mater. It gives me great pleasure to know that the many students that I encounter in the classroom and beyond will use this textbook.


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