Study Guide: Adolescence and Early Adulthood

Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

  1. Define puberty. What kinds of changes occur during puberty?
  2. What impacts the timing of puberty?
  3. Describe the growth spurt.
  4. Discuss changes in the teenage brain (review your notes over the film.)
  5. Distinguish between primary and secondary sex characteristics and give examples of each.
  6. What is spermarche? Menarche?
  7. How do cultural ideals and timing impact adolescent body image?
  8. Describe some nutritional concerns during adolescence.
  9. What is anorexia? Bulimia?
  10. What is the myth of mutuality? Who is most likely to suffer from sexual abuse?
  11. Characterize teen drug use.
  12. What is formal operational intelligence?
  13. Define and give examples of adolescent egocentrism, the imaginary audience, the personal fable, and the invincibility fable.
  14. How does Erikson characterize adolescence?
  15. What is a psychosocial moratorium? What is foreclosure? Identity diffusion?
  16. Contrast teens as offenders and as victims of crime.
  17. Discuss teen suicide.
  18. What do teens want from parents?
  19. List the developmental tasks of early adulthood.
  20. Explain how emerging adulthood is a health but risky time.
  21. Explain Levinson’s theory of adulthood.
  22. What is postformal thought? What is dialectical thought? What factors promote this?
  23. Characterize cohabitation and types of cohabitation.
  24. What is the median age of first marriage?
  25. Explain social exchange theory of mate selection.
  26. What is the principle of least interest?
  27. Explain Sternberg’s dimensions of love.
  28. List and describe Lee’s love styles.
  29. Characterize frames of relationships.
  30. Explain the wheel theory of love.
  31. What is the “process of disaffection”? What happens in each stage?


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