Learning Objectives

  • Describe the four models of public relations and the four stages of a typical public relations campaign.
  • Analyze the role of public relations in media and culture.
  • Analyze the ways public relations is taking the place of traditional advertising.
  • Explain the concept of branding.
  • Describe the uses of public relations in politics, government, and news media.
  • Understand what integrated marketing communications (IMC) are.
  • Understand why organizations may change their promotional strategies to reach different audiences.
  • Understand the different components of the promotion (communication) mix and why organizations may consider all components when designing the IMC program.
  • Understand the difference between types of communication that target many people at one time versus types of communication that target individuals.
  • Understand the difference between media and vehicles.
  • Explain the similarities and differences between advertising and direct marketing.
  • Understand the benefits of direct marketing and what types of direct marketing organizations often utilize.
  • Understand what a unique selling proposition is and how it is used.
  • Understand different types of promotion objectives.
  • Identify different message strategies.
  • Understand different ways in which promotion budgets can be set.
  • Understand how the budget can be allocated among different media.
  • Learn about different types of sales promotions companies use to get customers to buy their products.
  • Understand the different types of sales promotions companies use with their business customers.
  • Understand why sales promotions have become such an integral part of an organization’s promotion mix.
  • Differentiate between push and pull strategies.
  • Understand the concept of public relations and why organizations allocate part of their promotional budgets to it.
  • Understand what the different types of public relations tools are.
  • Explain how companies use different public relations tools to their advantage.
  • Understand the different social media zones.
  • Understand how social media can generate publicity.
  • Explain how social media keeps changing.


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