Finding H5P


Why start from scratch when the content may already be created?

  • Find and reuse as is, or revise and customize.
  • Each piece of H5P content can be downloaded and imported into your Pressbooks hosted book.
    • This option creates a copy.
    • It is new file with a new ID number.
    • Changes to the original H5P will not change or alter this new file.
  • You can also use the embed code and reuse the content outside of Pressbooks.
    • This option does not create a copy.
    • Any changes to the original will be reflected in the embedded version.

Note: You  can also display the H5P created in Pressbooks on a web page including learning management systems (LMS) pages using the embed code.

A great way to learn

Find and import a H5P element that connects with your teaching or subject area.

  • Use the existing interactive content as your starting point.
  • Change the title
  • Revise and add to the content.
  • Play with the different options for giving feedback.

Pressbooks Directory

Use the Pressbooks Directory to find open textbooks with H5P.

  • Use the filter tool to create a results list that only contains books that have H5P.
  • Each book card includes a link to a list of H5P activities included in the book .
  • Each piece of H5P in the list can be viewed and used.

eCampus Ontario H5P Lab

The eCampus Ontario H5P Lab has an open catalogue of H5P Content created by post-secondary instructors in Ontario.

Use the search filters to find content that may be of interest.

Show H5P in a List

You can get a complete listing of all the H5P content in any Pressbooks hosted book by adding /h5p-listing to the url.

  • For example:
  • add: h5p-listing
  • New url:

If there is no H5P content, the results page will state there are no H5P activities in the book.

H5P Content Sources


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