What is H5P?

H5P stands for HTML 5 Package

H5P is an open source creation tool. It gives educators the ability to create interactive content (from over 50 content types) without any requirement to understand coding languages.

Why H5P?


  • H5P is easy to use.
  • It is intuitive with strong documentation and does not require coding skills.

Mobile friendly content

  • H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly.
  • H5P interactive content works with computers, smartphones and tablets.


  • Demos/downloads, tutorials and documentation are available  from H5P.org.
  • Support is also built into the H5P Pressbooks editor.

Share and Reuse

  • H5P content can be imported into a Pressbooks book. Once in Pressbooks you can:
    • Adopt – use the H5P as is , or
    • Adapt – Change and modify in some way.
      • Revise and customize so that it is a better match with your course.

H5P Plugin in Pressbooks

  • Allows Pressbooks users to create H5P inside the  Pressbooks platform.
  • Editing access is attached to the Pressbooks hosted book.
  • You can import and use H5P content that is already created.
    • Learn where to look in the section Finding H5P.
    • Options include interactive material,quizzes, timelines, drag-and-drop questions.
  • H5P documentation and demos can be accessed from within Pressbooks.

Embed Option

You can also use the embed code to share the H5P on any web page including LibGuide pages and Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Brightspace.

H5P Website


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