NSCC Created H5P Content

Documentation Tool

This creation type allows the student to edit and complete the activity online, then save their work as a Word file and export it to their device.

This H5P reflection activity is included in a NSCC student handbook.

Documentation Example

Interactive Video

Add customized content to a YouTube video. You can add stop points and insert questions. Endless options.

In this example, the Government of Canada video What is Copyright contains outdated information. Changes to the Copyright Act are not included and a new updated video has not been created (we will keep checking). Using the interactive video H5P tool, the new terms for copyright protection are layered into the video.

Interactive Video Example

Branching Scenario

Branching allows us to create an interactive activity where the content that is displayed is dependant on the answer that is selected.

The NSCC image evaluation tool was created using H5P branching.

Branching Example


Use the column tool to create  and display content in a single column. In this example, the instructor wanted to create a multiple choice question set and present as one activity with all questions visible.

This question set was created for a NSCC Biology textbook.

Column Example

Multiple Choice

Single Choice Set

Display the questions one at a time. Set the move option to manual or automatic.

Course Presentation


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