Importing H5P Content into Pressbooks

You have found H5P that you want to import!

Step#1: Make a copy of the file

Select the Reuse Option (bottom right corner) from the H5p you have selected.

Download the H5P file and save.

Step #2: add to Pressbooks

  • In Pressbooks, click on the H5P Content link in the dashboard menu.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Click on the Upload button
  • Find the file on your computer and select to upload
  • Once the file has loaded, click the Use button.
  • Click the Create button to save the H5P file to your Pressbooks library for the book you are working in.
  • You can now use the H5P as is or customize.

Step #3: Add the h5p to your Book

Once you have imported and saved your H5P content:

  • A H5P shortcode will be generated within  square brackets.
  • It will display in box called Shortcode located in the top right corner of your editing screen (after you have clicked the Create button).

  • Insert the code, including the square brackets, into your chapter where you want the H5P content to appear.


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