About the authors

Dr Kay Ayre

Dr Kay Ayre is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. She has a background in early years teaching and behaviour support. She has worked extensively with disengaged and disruptive children, their teachers and schools. Kay has a passion for helping build the capacity of teachers to develop and maintain positive, inclusive classrooms with a focus on supporting children affected by trauma who demonstrate serious, disruptive behaviour. Her research interests are in challenging behaviour of children, positive behaviour support, trauma informed practice and parent-school engagement.

Kay can  be contacted by email at: k.ayre@ecu.edu.au

Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy

Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Govind’s clinical practice and research focuses on improving mental health and educational outcomes for children and adolescents from marginalised backgrounds. He has worked extensively with children and families exposed to abuse and neglect in both public and private sector. Govind has collaborated extensively with schools and a number of child welfare services in implementing systems approaches for trauma informed and attachment sensitive practices.

Govind can be contacted by email at: Govind.Krishnamoorthy@usq.edu.au


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