Introduction to the Environment and Society

What you’ll learn to do: understand the impact of climate change and pollution on the environment and society

The Garbage Waste Management Waste Society Landfill. A truck plows through heaps of trash.

As the population continues to grow at a very fast rate, the human impact on the environment has become a very important concern. As the population grows, so does the need for land, water and other natural habitat. From the air we breath to the water we drink, everything humans create has some type of consequence on the environment. Nations, from core nations to peripheral and semi-peripheral nations alike, have to devise a plan for how to preserve natural resources while this expansion occurs. Human activities create many environmental issues from global warming to pollution, to toxic waste and an abundance of garbage. One attempt to address the issue of environmental damage caused by human activity is the Kyoto Protocol, now known as the Paris Agreement. We’ll learn more about these issues and concerns in this section.

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