All NSCC Pressbooks projects must meet accessibility standards. The desired standard is defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

More information, including how to create content in Pressbooks using the accessibility criteria listed below can be found in later chapters in this guide.

To help your book achieve this goal:

  1. Review the creation best practices outlined in this guide.
  2. Use headings to provide a navigation aid and increase the readability of your chapters.
  3. Apply hierarchical tagging to your headings – always use the H2 header tag first.
  4. Insert URLs into meaningful text.
  5. Do not underline text. Highlight text using another method.
  6. Use the built-in tools for numbered and bulleted lists.
  7. Insert alt text into your images.
  8. Avoid putting instructional text into an image. The text in an image cannot be read by text to speech tools.
  9. Use Math XML for math and formulas.
  10. tables
  11. Use colours that provide maximum contrast. Text and non-decorative images must be legible for anyone with low vision or colour blindness.
  12. Use the Checklist for Accessibility to ensure that standard barriers are addressed for maximum access by as many readers as possible.



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