Open Textbooks and Text-to-Speech

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Open Textbooks

  • The native format for Open Textbooks is digital.
  • Open Textbooks hosted on NSCC Pressbooks are compatible with Text-to-Speech tools.
  • Some text-to-speech tools work better than others with Open Textbooks.
  • The read to me option built into a web browser allows you to use read to me for any web page or web hosted resource like an open textbook.

Recommended Web Browsers

  • FireFox or Microsoft Edge
  • Using the browser’s built in text-to-speech tool provides a high quality reading experience.
  • You can Download Edge or Firefox to your device.

How to Use

  • Open the Browser and go to the Open Textbook you want to read.
  • Select the chapter you want to read.
  • Look for tool icons in the url [web address] box.

In Firefox look for a blue book icon.

  • Your page will change to reading view – a new menu bar will appear on the left side of the page.
  • Select the headphones icon for menu options.

  • Press play to start read aloud.
  • Change the speed of reading or the voice – select the headphones icon for menu options.

In Edge look for the open book icon.

  • Edge Options
  • Select the capital A icon with 2 sound waves
  • Reading of your content will start.
  • A new toolbar should also be visible.

  • Use this tool bar to:
    • pause reading
    • restart reading
    • go back or forward
    • customize the voice and reading speed

Reading in Immersive Reader View

  • Select the Open Book Icon
  • Immersive Reader will simplify the page
    • Ads and pop ups are not included in this view
    • Only the text of the web page is displayed
    • Great option for reading website content
  • A new toolbar will display when you are in Immersive Reader View.
  • Select the capital A with 2 sound waves and the words Read Aloud to begin.


Toolbar not Visible

  • Place your cursor where you want to start reading
  • Right click with your mouse or keypad
  • Select Read Aloud
  • A new tool bar should now be visible in a black bar at the top of the page you are reading — on your right.
  • Use the tool bar to:
    • pause reading
    • restart reading
    • customize the voice


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