Supplementary Resources

NSCC Open Textbook SharePoint Site

The NSCC Open Textbook site is a place to SHARE supplementary resources created to support the use of Open Textbooks.

  • The site is open to all NSCC staff and faculty.
  • Discoverable in the NSCC list of internal SharePoint sites.
  • Provides a stable place to share supplementary resources.
  • Everyone (with NSCC access rights) can upload and download files.
Screenshot of Sharepoint Icon. Look for this box in your SharePoint option list.

Instructor Resources for Open Textbooks

  • Go to the Open Textbook folder for each title to view the instructor resources currently available.
  • Supplementary teaching resources for open textbooks are organized by textbook title.
  • Download and use supplementary teaching resources for open textbooks in use at NSCC.
  • Add Content – Support the use of open textbooks and add content you have created to this site!
  • Share Resources – We can also upload the files for you.
  • Email us at

Feedback and Change Requests for Open Textbooks

  • Peer review and Feedback are an important part of using an open textbook.
  • Go to the Revision and Change Tracking folder and select the title subfolder to access the revision change tracker for each title.
  • Add your suggested changes for open textbooks hosted in NSCC Pressbooks.
  • Editors making changes – Use the open textbook change tracker form to document your changes.


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