Assignment: Personality

Assessing Personality

STEP 1: Take at least two of the personality tests mentioned in this module (or other legitimate tests):

  1. Big Five personality test:
  2. Kiersey Temperament Sorter This test is very similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  3. Another Myers-Briggs type test:
  4. Cattell’s 16PF questionnaire:
  5. Basic version of the color personality test:

STEP 2: Analyze your results. Discuss the results with at least one other person who knows you (preferably someone who knows you well) and decide if you believe the results accurately describe who you are. Write a short essay (150-250 words) describing the tests and analyzing both their validity and reliability.

Criteria Ratings Points
Takes 2 personality tests Takes and shares the results of at least two personality tests and analyzes the personal results Takes the tests but does not describe or analyze the results or takes only one test Does not take two personality tests or analyze the results __/10
Validity and Reliability Uses appropriate detail and vocabulary to analyze the validity and reliability of the tests Analyzes the validity and reliability of the tests Does not analyze the validity and reliability of the tests __/10
Total: __/20
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