Assignment: Stress, Lifestyle, and Health

Time and Stress Management

STEP 1: Choose ONE of the following activities to complete for this module. A description of how you will be graded is included with each explanation.

  • Keep a log of all of your activities for one week. Note the things you do from the start of your day to the end of your day. Note whether your time is a commitment (doing your job, going to school, anything involving your main goals), upkeep (eating, sleeping, bathing, cleaning, cooking), or elective (whatever you choose to do). After completing the log, make a separate list of your time wasters for the week and a separate list of strategies that may help you get rid of those time wasters and manage your time better. This will be graded on the completeness and conciseness of your log and the analysis of your log.
  • For one week, make a list of everything you want to accomplish each day. Prioritize that list for each day and check off each activity that you have accomplished. At the end of the week, write a 25-50-word summary on how well you prioritized and on whether or not you feel this “To Do” list helped your time management for the week. This will be graded on the completeness and conciseness of your “To Do” list and the analysis of your list.
  • Based on what you read in your text and using at least one other resource,  magazine or the Internet, write a summary of a strategy or strategies that you can use to help you manage stress. This summary should be at least 200 words long and should list the additional reference you used. The summary will be graded on its completeness and conciseness in conveying your thoughts.
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