Discussion: Thinking and Intelligence

Thinking about Intelligence

STEP 1: Answer TWO of the following questions in a discussion post of at least 200 words:

  1. Do you think that people get smarter as they get older? In what ways might people gain or lose intellectual abilities as they age?
  2. When you meet someone who strikes you as being smart, what types of cues or information do you typically attend to in order to arrive at this judgment?
  3. How do you think socio-economic status affects an individual taking an intellectual abilities test?
  4. Should psychologists be asking about group differences (different race, sex, culture, etc.) in intellectual ability? What do you think?
  5. Which of Howard Gardner’s 8 types of intelligence do you think describes the way you learn best? Why?

STEP 2: Thoughtfully comment on at least TWO other posts in responses of at least 75 words each.

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