7 Get to Know College Resources

One of the benefits of student life at college is the availability of on-campus resources to support you academically, and with your overall personal growth and career development. These include:

  • Choosing a program of study, major, or deciding if you should change your current program.
  • Choosing a career path and finding work opportunities.
  • Accessing scholarships and  financial aid.
  • Learning to use the library to conduct research.
  • Understanding the expectations of your current courses and getting support with challenging concepts.
  • Developing your learning and study success skills.
  • Managing your physical and mental health.
NSCC Connect

Within NSCC, services are available to support you with these concerns.  The costs of these services are supported by your tuition, so it is wise to take advantage of all of the available resources. At NSCC you will find support from dedicated professionals who focus on supporting students like you. NSCC’s intranet CONNECT contains information about all the services available to NSCC students and how to access them.

Available services include:

  • Academic Advising  Advisors work with you in making decisions, solving problems, evaluating skills, and setting goals.
  • Career Services offer career support, whether you’re just beginning to explore your options, are a current student, or are looking to help a friend or family member make career decisions.
  • Black and African Canadian Student Supports advisors work with the campus community to offer prospective and current students culturally specific support.
  • Indigenous Student Supports advisors work with the campus community to offer prospective and current students culturally specific support.
  • Digital Innovation & Technology deliver computing and technology services to students and can help with student email and accessing software for courses. Requests for support can be placed through the Technology Service Desk.
  • Learning Support Services provide additional services and resources to support your learning. A member of the Student Services Team can help you make a plan to support your learning.
  • Writing Centre volunteers provide assistance and support. Volunteers do not edit. They do provide support to help students improve skills through learning how to plan and strategize for assignments, access helpful resources, and review and correct your own writing.
  • Campus Libraries provide research support, training in citation styles, group study rooms, and access to a wide range of books and electronic resources including eBooks, journals and streaming video platforms.
  • Accessibility Services & Student Accessibility Specialists provide advising and accommodation recommendations for students.
  • Student Awards and Financial Assistance provides information on scholarship and bursary opportunities available to students.
  • Student Association organizes student clubs, activities, and additional student services.
  • Wellness and Counselling Services provides a range of services supporting well-being and mental health to help you.

Try It!

Take some time this week to get to know your college resources. Visit a student service either in-person, or online.  Find out how this service can help you with a current concern.  If now is the right time, make an appointment.


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