1 How to Use This Book

How do I use this book?

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This resource will be helpful as you transition into your first semester of college and can be used throughout the academic year as you build your learning skills. Take time before your classes start, or in your first few weeks of the semester, to get familiar with the material in these chapters.

If you’re a returning student, there maybe some areas where you want to strengthen your learning and study skills. Dive into the chapters that are most relevant to you.

How is this book organized?

In each chapter, you’ll see the following features to guide you:

  • Plan-Monitor-Evaluate Connection this helps you identify where each skill fits into the larger framework for organizing your learning.
  • Learning Objectives¬†guide you through what you can expect to learn by reading and completing the chapter exercises.
  • Try it! activities allow you an immediate opportunity to put new information into practice in your current courses. You’ll benefit most from this book if you take the time to try the new skills presented and see how they work for you.
  • Extend Your Learning¬†sections provide you with opportunities to continue exploring concepts about learning.

Let’s get started!


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