13.2 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Definition

Learning Objectives

  • Define integrated marketing communication (IMC)
  • Explain how IMC strengthens the impact of marketing communication tools
  • List the primary marketing communication methods marketers use as part of their IMC strategy
  • Explain how marketers use IMC in their campaigns in order to execute marketing strategy

Promotion is a powerful part of the marketing mix because it determines what and how you communicate with target audiences. In today’s world, promotion often has a fancy name: integrated marketing communication (IMC). Why the fancy name?

The number and variety of marketing communication tools have proliferated with the expansion of media, Internet, social, and mobile technologies. Marketers face the multipronged challenge of deciding which messages to communicate, which communication tools to use, and how to make the strongest impact with target segments. 

Integrated marketing communication encourages marketers to think about communication in a coordinated way. They ask: How can we orchestrate all the different means of reaching a target segment in order to maximize our impact? 

The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

Learning Activities

  • Reading: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Definition
  • Reading: Marketing Campaigns and IMC
  • Self Check: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Definition


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