1.7 Self-care

Each chapter has a self care section because taking care of oneself is an important part of being an effective Social Service worker.  In this self-care section we will be exploring strategies for coping while working in the field of substance use and living in the world of the Covid pandemic.


Please take a moment to review the Health-Care Providers Infographic[1] by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use & Addiction.

  • Try one of the strategies suggested.
  • Report back on your experience.

  1. Canadian Centre on Substance Use & Addiction. (2020). Managing stress anxiety and stress during Covid-19.  https://www.ccsa.ca/sites/default/files/2020-04/CCSA-COVID-19-Stress-Anxiety-and-Substance-Use-Health-Care-Providers-Infographic-2020-en.pdf


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