Assignment: Aging Journal

STEP 1: Consider the following questions about aging.

  1. Think of your current lifestyle. What health habits do you need to acquire to live longer and healthier? What can you do to help yourself change these poor habits?  Do you have any family history of diseases or early death that would encourage you to do so?
  2. Think about your parent(s)— their health, children, parents, friends, how they met, marriage, financial problems, disappointments, and vivid memories of good times that happened (ask them about these things if you can). Then consider what you could do differently or the same when you get to be the same age of your parent(s).
  3. Think about your grandparent(s) and find out what lifestyle they have (ask them about if you can). Do they have enough money to meet their needs? How are their health and relationship?
  4. How do you imagine you will handle your successful aging after age 65? Will you gradually withdraw from the world to enjoy peace and solitude do the things you want to do, like read or relax, according to the disengagement theory? Or do you imagine you will want to continue an active life full of socializing, volunteer work, being with family, going on trips, etc., according to the activity theory? Tie your speculations into how you view your personality today.
  5. Try to paint a picture of your life at 65 or older.

STEP 2: Submit your assignment as either detailed responses to the six questions, OR as a reflection essay (between 400-600 words) that describes your thoughts on aging.

Criteria Ratings Points
Complete response Writes in clear, descriptive sentences with no or few grammatical errors. Answers responses correctly and appropriately. Does not provide enough detail in the responses, or responds incorrectly. Incomplete responses or difficult to understand or follow. __/5
Personal reflection Shows personal reflection and includes examples from own experiences. Demonstrates some personal reflection but is not thorough. Does not include personal reflection or demonstrate understanding of the material. __/5
Total: __/10


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