Discussion: Middle Childhood

DISCUSSION: In this discussion, reflect upon and discuss ONE of the following questions:

  • Q1: A friend of yours is considering getting a divorce, but is concerned about how this might affect her 10-year-old daughter. What advice would you give to your friend based on the research from the text?
  • Q2: Show your understanding of Kohlberg’s theory by coming up with an original moral dilemma example. Give examples of how someone in the pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional stage would respond.

STEP 1: First, write a response with at least EIGHT substantial sentences, integrating concepts you learned from the reading and other materials (include links with necessary). Show that you can think critically on the topic by integrating your own thoughts, analysis, or experiences.

STEP 2: Return to the discussion to comment on at least TWO classmates’ posts (in at least FIVE sentences). Expand on a classmate’s comments in a value-adding, topic-related way. Promote a collaborative, supportive community, and advance the dialogue through follow-up questions. Reply posts cannot be one-liners, off-topic posts, vague statements, unsupported opinions, inadequate explanations or simply say, “I agree” or “good job.”


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