Assignment: Anti-Bullying Ad

STEP 1: Research an elementary school, either one that you attended growing up or one in your area. Visit websites such as (, National Center for Education Statistics (, or others to gather information about the demographics at the school. You may also find details on your chosen’s schools website. Compile pertinent information regarding equity, racial and ethnic diversity, gender diversity, socioeconomic status, graduation rates, grades, poverty, disability, etc. to get a comprehensive understanding about the population at your selected school.

STEP 2: Conduct research on bullying. Read about current national or regional anti-bullying campaigns such as Stomp Out Bullying ( to get ideas. Find at least one outside resource to integrate into your infographic.

STEP 3: Create an anti-bullying advertisement or infographic for the elementary school that you researched. Pick out some of the details about the school’s demographics, the information from the text, AND your chosen anti-bullying website to integrate into your work (NOTE: You do not have to summarize all of your research. Your objective is to create an interesting visual so that an outside observer could quickly learn at least three new things by looking at it.) The infographic must include at least 2 images (pictures, charts, and graphs all count as images) and some text. Include your references in APA format either at the bottom of the visual or on a separate page.

You should put effort into this assignment, but you should not feel overwhelmed by creating a visual. You can think of it as making a simplified “poster” and there are several tools available to help you create this assignment. You may design the poster in any medium you desire, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, or one of the following programs:

  • Canva ( is really easy to use and convenient because it has tons of free shapes and designs for you to use. This program does not specialize in infographics, however, so you probably just want to choose the option to create a “poster” or “presentation.”
  • Infogram ( is a fabulous tool if you want to include a chart or graph in your infographic.
  • ( has some great pre-designed Infographic options to work with.

STEP 4: Submit your completed poster into the discussion forum to share with the class. Along with your submission, include a short write-up (200-400 words), explaining your selected school and your chosen approach to the end-bullying campaign.

OPTIONAL STEP: Share your creation with the world so that others can benefit from your work! Using either Flickr ( or Wikimedia Commons (, upload your finished product and publish it so that others can see and use your work. Although not required, we strongly recommend uploading and releasing your work with a Creative Commons license. (

Criteria Ratings Points
Creates a visual anti-bullying infographic poster and shares the poster along with a write-up with the class. Visual is attractive and interesting. Write-up is thoughtful and informed. Visual is somewhat attractive and interesting or write-up is missing or incomplete. Visual is not attractive or interesting, or does not include a write-up. __/10
Includes at least two images and text about the school, bullying, etc. Visual includes at least two visuals as well as some text Visual partially includes visuals and text Visual does not include at least two visuals as well as some text __/5
Presents at least three pieces of information Includes at least three pieces accurate and informative facts about bullying Partially includes accurate and informative facts about bullying Does not includes at least three pieces accurate and informative facts about bullying __/5
Includes correct APA citations that includes the text, a resource for demographics, and an anti-bullying resource Provides APA citations either on the image or a separate reference page Provides partial or incorrect APA citations either on the image or a separate reference page Does not provide APA citations __/5
Total: __/25


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