Assignment: Birth Journal

STEP 1: You may (a) consult with your parents about your own birth, (b) interview a new parent about their birth experience, or (c) consider the birth of your child. Please discuss the following in your journal response:

  1. Describe the events leading up to the delivery. Where did the delivery take place and who was present? Were any specific techniques or medications used?
  2. What were the first weeks at home like? Were there any difficulties, problems, or adjustments? Describe a typical day at home during the first weeks after the baby was born.
  3. If possible, write about the first year of life for the baby. Were they breastfed or bottle-fed and when were they introduced to solid food? How old were they when they: rolled over, sat up, crawled, cruised, walked along?
  4. What were some of the baby’s favorite toys, first words, and favorite books? What games or activities did they like to play?
  5. Was there more than one language spoken at home?
  6. How would you describe the child’s temperament? Were they an easy child, a difficult child, or a slow-to-warm-up child? If there are siblings siblings, how different or similar are the individual temperaments?

STEP 2: Submit your assignment as either detailed responses to the six questions, OR as a reflection essay (between 400-600 words) that describes the birth experience and early years in general terms.

Criteria Ratings Points
Complete response Writes in clear, descriptive sentences with no or few grammatical errors. Answers responses correctly and appropriately. Does not provide enough detail in the responses, or responds incorrectly. Incomplete responses or difficult to understand or follow. __/6
Personal reflection Shows personal reflection and includes examples from own experiences. Demonstrates some personal reflection but is not thorough. Does not include personal reflection or demonstrate understanding of the material. __/6
Total: __/12



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