Assignment: My Development Journal

STEP 1: Consider the following questions as you reflect on your developmental experiences.

  1. Think back to your elementary and junior high years. How would you describe your social competence and friendships?
  2. Body image is an important part of your self-esteem and is especially true during adolescence. Because of the rapid changes taking place, many adolescents are dissatisfied with their bodies. Think back to high school. How did you feel about your body? Try to imagine yourself on a typical day in high school. Compared to others, how did you feel about your: height, weight, breasts, muscles, ears, hips, legs, nose, hair, eyes, face, clothes, posture, nails, athletic ability, skin, teeth, smile, sexual activity with a date, and overall body? How do you think these early adolescent feelings have affected how you feel about yourself now?
  3. Now reflect on your adulthood experience. How do your feelings now contrast with your experiences in high school? How are your attitudes the same or different? How are your relationships the same or different? Do you plan to get married or are you already married or in a relationship? Do you have any children?
  4. What are your goals? When did you decide to go to college and why did you choose this college? Is this your first time in college? What difficulties are you experiencing? Is college like what you expected it to be; how is it different?

STEP 2: Submit your assignment as either detailed responses to the five questions, OR as a reflection essay (between 400-600 words) that describes the your experiences through life.

Criteria Ratings Points
Complete response Writes in clear, descriptive sentences with no or few grammatical errors. Answers responses correctly and appropriately. Does not provide enough detail in the responses, or responds incorrectly. Incomplete responses or difficult to understand or follow. __/5
Personal reflection Shows personal reflection and includes examples from own experiences. Demonstrates some personal reflection but is not thorough. Does not include personal reflection or demonstrate understanding of the material. __/5
Total: __/10



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