Assignment: Bioecological Model Journal

STEP 1: Think of yourself at a particular time in your childhood (e.g., age 10). Use the following prompts to help you write a journal entry about your childhood experiences as seen through Urie Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model. Write you answers as a personal reflection paper, in paragraph form, between 400-600 words.



  1. your parents:
  2. your siblings:
  3. your peers:



  1. your school and teacher:
  2. how your parents interacted with your school and helped with schoolwork:
  3. how your parents interacted with your peers:
  4. how your community interacted with your family/peers:
  5. how your religious background influenced your family:



  1. your parents’ jobs and socioeconomic status:
  2. how your family explored or interacted with the world beyond your community (e.g., vacations, travel sports, mission trips, etc.):
  3. popular media—television, music, movies, social media:
  4. any interactions with social services:
  5. the economic condition of your community:
  6. the history and values of your community:



  1. what was going on in the world at the time (e.g., Hurricane Katrina, who was president, etc.):
  2. technological advancements:
  3. national or international cultural values (e.g., racial diversity, gender equality, etc.):



  1. major life transitions (such as the birth or death of a sibling):
  2. major world events that changed history at that time (e.g., terrorist attacks, presidential elections, wars, etc.):
  3. more gradual historical changes (the history of transgender people in the United States or the change in the number of women in the workplace):

STEP 2: Submit your paper.

Criteria Ratings Points
Thorough and detailed response Writes in clear, descriptive sentences with no or few grammatical errors. Answers responses correctly and appropriately. Does not provide enough detail in responding to the prompt, or responds incorrectly. Does not address all parts of the model. Incomplete responses to prompt or paper or difficult to understand or follow.. __/5
Personal reflection Shows personal reflection and includes examples from own experiences. Demonstrates some personal reflection but is not thorough. Does not include personal reflection or demonstrate understanding of the material. __/5
Total: __/10





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