Reading: 5.3 Business Protections Laws and Standards






Contract Law Fulfillment of Goods and Services Agreements between buyers and sellers, B2B, B2C and Gov’t. Includes consumer and manufactures Tort Law- liability for damages or injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product is based on the claim of negligence or on contract law principles (Ministry of Justice) You can create a verbal contact or accept a payment and enforce a contract, you don’t need a lawyer or paper. Class Action Lawsuits of defective products negligent manufacture; negligent design; and negligent failure to warn, for consumer protection
Trademark Enforcement Brand and Intellectual Property Protection Creating a brand or new product Trade Marks Act (Intellectual Property Office) Even ideas can be protected for 10 years. Established the Canada Standard (CS) for labelling
Pricing of Products Fairness and Transparency for Competition Competition Act (Competition Bureau) Consumer and Business protections for both criminal and civil violations including advertising standards. Includes mergers, e.g. Banking


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