Reading: 5.3 Consumer Protection Laws and Standards






Product Safety Consumer Protection and Transparency Manufacturing, Testing and Quality Control Consumer Product Safety Act (Consumer Affairs) What safety standards will your new product or product new to Canada require? Imported products made outside Canada – you must ensure they comply with the standards and advertising
Labelling Consumer Protection and Transparency Creating or Selling a brand or product Consumer Packaging and True Labelling Act(Health Canada) How will you design your packaging to comply with labelling requirements? Nutritional labelling, disclosure of ingredients, weights and quantities
Vehicle Safety Consumer Protection and Safety Standards Regulates mandatory minimums for Vehicles Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Ministry of Transport) How will your digital marketing campaign for your auto client be truthful about safety standards? Seat belts and Air Bags. Fuel efficiency minimums.
Food and Drug Safety Consumer Protection and Transparency Monitors the sale of food, drugs and cosmetics Food and Drug Act(Health Canada) How will you label a new wellness product that is imported? Creation of new products including labelling, must receive inspection and approval. Includes beverages and Veterinarian products
Clothing Safety Consumer Protection and Transparency Regulates the labelling of clothing, carpets and bedding textiles Textile Labelling Act(Competition Bureau) What marketing research will you do to determine fibres for your new clothes line? Disclose specific fibers and content of textiles are subject to inspection
Marketing Fraud Consumer Protection Regulates misleading Advertising and Marketing Fraud Competition Act (Competition Bureau) What promises is your marketing campaign making about the customer experience? Ponzi Pyramid schemes, Bate and Switch schemes and predatory pricing
Marketing to Kids Unique challenges for digital engagement with Youth Process to engage and disclose Guardians and Parents PIPEDASections K and L of the CMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice What about video cams at daycares? Gaming sites that collect personal data? The OPC takes the position that, in all but exceptional circumstances, this means anyone under the age of 13.
Financial Products Consumer and Investor Education and Protection Define disclosure standards and selling practices Financial Consumer Agency Act (Minster of Finance)(FCAC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada) What rate of interest will you advertise for your client’s financing on a purchase? Audit and Supervise compliance by financial firms with various Acts such as the Interest Act – how much is charged on your mortgage or credit card. Supervises disclosure of product contracts. Financial Fraud and selling practices complaints


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