8.5 Repositioning

Learning Objectives

Explain repositioning and the associated risks and complexities of repositioning a product or service

Positioning is a powerful tool, but when you position a product, service, or brand, the world doesn’t stand still. Market conditions change. Your customers and competitors change. You change.

Positioning should be designed to last. But for most offerings, you’ll eventually need to revisit your positioning strategy and consider whether to make adjustments. This process has a very logical name: repositioning. In some ways, repositioning is more challenging than initial positioning because you’re building on prior established work, trying to strengthen what’s working and fix what isn’t—it’s a bit like remodelling an old house instead of building one from scratch. In this next reading, you’ll learn more about repositioning, the associated risks and complexities, and the rationale for doing it in the first place.

Learning Activities

  • Reading: Repositioning
  • Self Check: Repositioning


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