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Environmental Protections Sustainability of Products and Services created for Consumers and Business Permits, Conservation, Indigenous Lands, and Environmental Impacts Canada Environmental Protections Act, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (Environment Canada) What is the environmental impact of your product? Is it sustainable? Pictou Pulp Mill Effluents under Fisheries Act or Enbridge Pipelines, Fisheries Pollutions Protections. Pollution requirements are often industry specific laws.
Privacy- General User/Consumer Identity Protection and Transparency Data Collection, Storage, and Disclosures Privacy Act ( Office of the Privacy Commissioner(OPC)) Does NOT cover private companies but provides Ethical guidelines If your client is a government agency how would you create a marketing plan? Cybersecurity for firms and individuals, All contracts must have a clear option for ‘opting out’, Complaints about privacy abuse (identify theft is criminal and would be a RCMP matter)
Privacy- Consent Guidelines for truthfulness and disclosure for consent Requirements for interactions with 7 Guiding Principles New Guidelines under Privacy Act – Consent Do you know what consent your Facebook User agreement allows? Includes Offline and Online interactions
Privacy- PIPEDA Private Sector requirements for digital interactions 10 Guiding principles for commercial participation in the Digital Economy for Data Collection, Storage, and Disclosures Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) How would you structure an email campaign? Focus on digital and electronic communications for commercial transactions, does not apply to non-profits, journalists, artists
Do Not Call List (DNCL)- Privacy Private Sector requirements for telemarketing interactions General telemarketing rules and additional requirements for specific industries e.g. financial services, political parties DNCL (Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission) How would you ethically conduct calls for market research that is exempt? Consumers can sign up not to receive calls. Tips for Companies, Addresses Spoofing, Scams
Anti-Spam – Privacy Protect consumers from indiscriminate and deceptive spam, malware and the alteration of transmission data Laws for Commercial conduct for electronic communications3 requirements Canada Anti-spam Legislation CASL (CRTC, OPC and Competition Bureau)Anti-spam Guidelines How will you manage your email lists to ensure consent and identification? How fast will you manage your unsubscribe function on your e-newsletter? Supervise and can fine companies who receive complaints
Financial Reporting and Disclosure Consumer and Investor Protection through transparency Produce and provide financial information based on international standards Canadian Business Corporation Act(Industry Canada) Will your company need to disclose and communicate with stakeholders? Ensures incorporated companies operating in Canada may be required to provide financial details. Publicly listed companies, Non-Profit Companies have specific rules
Decency, Censorship and Freedom of Expression Professional Consumer Communications and Standards Creating and implementing advertising and integrated communications which are ethically aligned Code of Conduct CMA Standards – No direct laws How do you market to kids and seniors or “vulnerable” consumers? Are your campaigns accessible for people with disabilities? Standards include: Truthfulness, Professionalism. Assess Marketing Campaign Limitations


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