Alcohol & Cannabis

Students are responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with Provincial laws and College regulations regarding alcohol, its transportation, purchase, and restrictions. NSCC is committed to creating an environment in which controlled substances, such as alcohol and cannabis, are used responsibly and in moderation and discourage abuse of these substances on our campuses and in Campus Housing.

In the Province of Nova Scotia, the legal age of consumption for alcohol and cannabis is 19.

Summary of expectations:

  • As each are often associated with irresponsible consumption, the mass or rapid/swift consumption of alcohol, participation in drinking games or events, use of alcohol paraphernalia (for example funnels) are not permitted in NSCC Campus Housing.
  • Alcohol and cannabis must be stored in an individual student’s private room.
    • As Cannabis has an odor, it should be stored in airtight containers, to minimize the environmental impacts on the community. There should be no discernable odor of cannabis inside Campus Housing.
  • Possession and/or consumption of “common source” alcohol over 40 ounces (e.g., kegs, large containers of pre-mixed alcohol, etc.) within Campus Housing is prohibited.
  • Alcohol and cannabis are not permitted to be consumed in shared common spaces (common lounges, hallways or kitchens). This does not pertain to shared spaces within suites.
  • Transportation of open or unsealed alcohol is not permitted in Campus Housing.
  • Baking, growing, or smoking cannabis is not permitted in Campus Housing.


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