Educational Programming

The goal of our Campus Housing Educational Program model is to provide intentional opportunities for you to interact with a variety of communities, services and people that will support your growth and success as a community, student and individuals. This will be different for everyone, and for every campus, but we know choosing to be an active and positive member of our Campus Housing communities will make a difference!

Some examples of activities and initiatives include:

Three intersecting circles. The circles represent: 1. academic success, 2.Community Connection, 3. Personal well-being. The common part of the intersecting circles is called NSCC Campus Housing.Academic success programming – From study skills sessions with a peer assisted learning support (PALS) team member to career information workshops, we work with campus partners to deliver programming that supports your academic success.

Community Connection – From Campus Housing Welcome events, campus orientation activities to experiences in your local/regional community, we strive to make you feel at home and create opportunities to meet others and participate actively in your communities.

Personal well-being – From stress relief programs with puppies to intramurals/recreation opportunities, we know that students who take care of their mind, body and spirit are more successful.


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