Moving In & Out

For all students assigned to a space on campus, you will be emailed in the summer with further details regarding move-in day, directions, timing, and expectations.

Our goal is to provide a process that is efficient and welcoming. The Coordinator, Campus Housing and other campus staff may also host a parents/supporter’s session on campus during move in day.

Room Assessment

When you move in (and when you move out), you will be asked to complete a Room Assessment form. This is an opportunity to verify the condition of your Campus Housing room, the furnishings present (and condition) at the time of move in to ensure that students are not held responsible for any issues or damages that existed upon arrival. This form must be submitted within the first week of occupancy or the conditions already on file will be taken as correct and accepted. Suites will have individual room (private room) assessment forms completed, with an additional shared common space form completed for the suite. When checking out of your space, you are required to:

  • Remove your property as well as all garbage and recycling from your room.
  • Turn in all keys that were assigned to you when you moved in. You will be billed if you fail to turn in your key(s) before leaving campus.
  • Leave your room, housing fixtures, furnishings, and appliances clean and return furniture to its original position. You may be charged a cleaning fee if you fail to do so. Room damages will be assessed after you move out.

Should you wish to appeal any assessment relating to damage, please contact you Coordinator of Campus Housing OR email

  • You will be held financially accountable for the condition of your room and furnishings based on inventories and assessment conducted after you move out should you fail to have one completed in person.
  • Unless attributed to an individual, damage assigned to common spaces in a suite will be the responsibility of all members of the suite. Any property left in a Campus Housing location following closure may be assumed to be unwanted and disposed of accordingly. A restitution fee may be charged to the student

What to Bring, What not to Bring

Moving to Campus can be challenging but we’ve put together What to Bring/What not to Bring to help you in the transition. If you would like a printable checklist we have a NSCC Housing What to Bring checklist.

What to Bring


Nova Scotia has a diverse spectrum of weather, it is important to plan for a variety of different seasons and temperatures when planning to come to Campus Housing.

For all weather including, rain, sun, snow, etc. This includes shoes, sleep wear, and any course specific uniforms/protective clothing. Clothing hangers are not provided by Campus Housing and recommended.


Sheets for a twin/double bed (check your room description for sizes). Blanket/Comforter, Pillows/Pillow Cases. Some individuals bring a mattress pad to add to their comfort sleeping in their assigned space.

Personal Care

Being hygienic is important for your personal well-being and community well-being in a shared living environment.

We recommend bringing the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, other toiletries as desired, towels (multiple), wash cloths (multiple), bathrobe, shower slippers (i.e. flip flops), menstrual products, first aid kit, prescription medication, sexual health resources (i.e. condoms), hair dryer/curling iron. Toilet paper is not provided in suite style rooms, and would be the responsibility of the student.

Laundry, Cooking and Cleaning

Keeping the room and/or suite clean is the responsibility of the students in the assigned space.

To keep your space hygienic and tidy we recommend the following: laundry basket/bag, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, drying rack (suite style only), paper towels, garbage bags, disinfectant wipes, cutlery/utensils, plates, cups, bowls, other dishware as requested, dish soaps, dish cloths, broom/dustpan.


Making your room/suite your own is an important part of your personal well-ness while living in Campus Housing.

To help make your space your own we recommend: desk lamp, waste basket, fan (great for white noise and airflow), adhesive hooks (3M Brand only), personal room décor, mini fridge, bulletin board/white board, storage bins, locks (laptop/bike, etc.).

School Supplies

Living on Campus is a part of your academic experience, to be a successful student we recommend the following: backpack, laptop/tablet, notebook/paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, stapler, scissors, ruler, 3-hole punch, thumbtacks/pushpins (to be used on corkboards only), any other program specific materials or supplies for your academic success.


Other items may be beneficial for your positive experience on campus including: photo ID, tenants insurance, snacks, drinks, water filter, earplugs, headphones, reusable waterbottle, reusable coffee thermos or mug.

Public Health Additions

Non-medical face masks, alcohol based hand sanitizer.

What Not to Bring

  • No non-CSA approved electrical appliances without automatic shut-off.
    • Only CSA approved electrical appliances with automatic shut off features are allowed in Campus Housing.
  • No extension cords or multiple outlet receptors are approved.
    • Only CSA approved power bars/strips with automatic shut off features are allowed in the Campus Housing.
  • No Open FLame or Smoke
    • Incense, candles or anything with a flame or that smokes.[1]
  • No possession and/or consumption of “common source” alcohol
    • Alcohol over 40 ounces (e.g. kegs, large containers of pre-mixed alcohol, etc.), within Campus Housing these are prohibited at all times.
  • No possession and/or use of weapons
    • This includes firearms, ammunition, projectile-emitting objects, explosive devices, as well as other dangerous weapons, chemicals, replicas, including toys, or other objects that can create cause for alarm; these are all explicitly prohibited.
  • No form of tape is not permitted to be used on walls or doors (any painted surface) in Campus Housing.
    • Please use removable 3M adhesive and/or “sticky-tak”, please ensure with tabbed 3M the pull tab is pointed down and you remove it per directions to not damage the painted surface.
  • No hotplates or any appliance with exposed heating elements,
    • The only exception is toasters in kitchen spaces.
  • No subwoofers or large speakerS

Note: Smoking, vaping, using hookahs, etc. are not permitted in any NSCC building, including Campus Housing. Anyone who smokes must do so in designated, outdoor, smoking areas.

  1. Exceptions can be approved for smudging or ceremonial/religious purposes with approval from NSCC Campus Housing and Campus Facilities Services (minimum 48 hours needed for approval).


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